Personalized Art Work - E-Mail and Face Book Comments
There are a number of ways you can contact us:

  • Phone: 708-420-PAWS  (That's 708-420-7297)
  • E-Mail:
  • Contact Us Right Here on this page!
  • Facebook: In another window, sign onto Facebook then click on the logo and become a friend to keep up 
          with what we are currently working on.

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Some Things To Know Before Contacting Us

We do not have an online ordering system.  There is too much information needed of your personalized piece of art work to have this type of payment system.  

Payments can be made by: 
  • Credit Card 
  • PayPal 
  • Check or Money Order
  • Cash

1/2 is due at time of order, the reminder is due upon delivery.

Customized Orders
For customized orders and to help us expedite your order quicky, we suggest you have the following information available before you call:

  • Have your photo(s) or picture(s) selected.
  • Read below for selecting the right pictures.
  • Know what medium you want us to use (oil, watercolor, acyrlic, etc. excluding glassware).
  • The size of the 'painting or drawing' or the type of glassware item.
  • Review the Pricing for an idea of the cost.

Then give us a call for a quote.  It's that simple!

​Art and Wood Work For Sale
For any of the fine art or wood work that is for sale and has a price label, simply call and we will guide you through the process in getting you what you want. 

Shipping, Handling and Traveling
Shipping and Handling costs are not included in any prices.  Traveling expenses will be added to the cost of wall murals.
Contact Us Right Here!

Are you having an event you want us to attend?  Do you know one that is happening and think we should be there?

- OR -

Don't know what to get?  Why not a gift certificate from us!  Then they can pick out something they would really enjoy.  Most art and wood pieces are under $100!  We can mail or e-mail the gift ceriticate to you or to the person that you are giving it to.

If you have any questions or comments?  Please contact us!

Contact Us
Selecting the Right Pictures

​Photos that are sent should be clear, large in size, and true to color.  Blurry, dark, or small pictures should not be sent.  It is better to send a few photos so that I can see the colors.  We can both decide what is the best picture to use for the painting.

Too small - a photo given to me that is too small is very hard to make out the details.     Same dog but this is a much better photo to work with.  

​The photo pixels should also be large enough for me to increase the size without destortion.

​Full Head and Body Photos - Photos with chopped off heads if painting a head portrait or chopped off body when do a full painting should not be submitted.  We can't paint what we don't see!

​Other photos that are hard to work with - The sun behind the subject will bleach out the edges and the face will be too dark.  Photos in a dark room will not show the colors correctly.  The pose of the animal should be looking at the camera.

SPECIAL NOTE - ​We cannot do any portraits that are less than 3".  It is just too hard to get the detail in to make it look like that person or pet.

Remember that the better the photo, the better the painting!

Personalized Art Work - E-Mail and Face Book Comments


by Noel Roberts on 12/12/14

I was quite impressed when I received an e-mail from Samantha R. about the treat jar I did for her of Penny.  She wrote,"Wow!  Your work is amazing!  I'm so excited to show off this present and can't wait to recommend you!".

5 Golden Retrievers

by Noel Roberts on 01/03/14

Denise B.  wrote on a comment on the Face Book photo of the pastel drawing of her 5 golden retrievers: "Noel, this makes me so happy every time I look at it on my wall, it's absolutely beautiful you captured each one, and their personalities.  I can't wait for my family to see it for Christmas! Stunning".


by Noel Roberts on 01/03/14

Eileen wrote to me after receiving Teddy on the wine glass: "I have shown the photo to a lot of people, they cannot believe how it looks just like Teddy,  down to his crooked little nose & his little tongue sticking out! I have a feeling more people will want their own pet on a glass!  I know my husband will love it too!!!  He is so crazy about this little dog!  I cannot thank you enough for doing this so close to Christmas!  Thank you & have a very merry Christmas".

Lucas and Harley

by Noel Roberts on 01/03/14

My cousin Don commissioned me to do an oil painting of his son Lucas and his cat Harley in oils.  Upon seeing the completed painting, he responded, "Dude, freaking love it!  Can't wait for Christmas Eve!  LOVE IT!  Thank you!".


by Noel Roberts on 01/03/14

Priscilla wrote to me after the holiday to let me know how her gift to her daughter went:  "Finally remembering to let you know how terrific the wine glass with Bella's picture on it really is.  Our Daughter was totally thrilled with it.  Thanks again!"


by Noel Roberts on 08/11/13

In numerous e-mails sent from Kelly O. about the painting of Andre," Wow....your talent is unbelievable! It looks beautiful! The detail is absolutely amazing. It looks great! You picked a beautiful frame. I showed the painting to my dad, and he loves it! The painting looks even more amazing in person. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I am sure I will be contacting you soon to talk about having a painting done of my dog George.".


by Noel Roberts on 05/05/13

I received this FB post from Miriam F. upon her getting the painting of Benji at the As Good As Gold Brookfield Zoo fund raiser event, "Met up with Terri tonight and gave Jerry the painting of do AMAZING work. We both really love it! Thank you so very much!"



by Noel Roberts on 02/13/13

Debby G. wrote in an e-mail to me, "The painting of Tulip is absolutely PURRRRRRRRFECT!!! :-) You nailed it to a tee!  Thank you so much!! Great Job, Bravo!!!!". 


by Noel Roberts on 01/08/13

Kim wrote in an e-mail to me, "I LOVE IT.   It's absolutely beautiful.  This is precious and I will cherish it always.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK captured Rockie to a tee.".

Duke and Patches

by Noel Roberts on 01/07/13

JoAnne D. wrote back to me in an e-mail about her gifts from Sue H.: "Just wanted to let you know that the wine glasses that you painted for Sue of Patches and Duke as my Christmas presents were absolutely gorgeous.  They are so life like and as you can imagine, brought some tears.  It was the perfect gift and I will always treasure them."