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Ladder Style
6 W x 8 D x 15 T
Cherry - $25.00
V Style
10 H x 11 W x 8 1/4 D
Red Oak - $25.00
Welcome to the Wood Working Section.  All of the items below have been hand crafted​.  If there is something you would like that you do not see on here, please call and we can build it for you!  Hover the mouse over some of the pictures will allow you to see a different view.

All sizes on this page are in inches.  L - Length, W- Width, D - Depth, T - Tall, Di - Diameter

Knife Block
9 T x 5 1/2 W x 4 1/2 D
Red Oak - $12.00
2 Wine Glass / Bottle
​10 W x 16 T x 8 1/2 D
Cherry - $25.00
Prarie Style
6 1/2" W x 10"D x 15" T
Cherry - $25.00
2 Wine Bottle Rack
15 1/2 W x 13 1/2 T x 12 D
Red Oak - $50.00
Straight Back
7 W x 9 D x 15 T
Cherry - $25.00
Wine Glass and Bottle Displays and Holders
Candle Holders
Cross Style
1/4 T x 6 W x 6 D
Maple / Jatoba - $50.00
2 Talesin Candlesticks
4 W x 9 D x 15 T
Cherry - $15.00
Cutting Boards, Hot Plates, and Knife Blocks
Large Cutting Board
15 L x 12 W x 1 1/2 T
Maple - $20.00
Small Cutting Board
15 L x 6 W x 1  T
Maple - $15.00
Round Cutting Board
9 Di. x 5/8 T
Maple - $10.00
Hot Plate
1/2 W x 12 L x 3/4 T
Cherry & Jatobe - $25.00
All the "Style" models hold 3" candles.

The "Cross Style" and the "V Style" models can also be used to display wine bottles.  
Toy Boxes and Toys
5 L x 2 3/4 H
Red Oak - 2 for $5.00
9 L x 9 H x 2 H
Maple - 2 for $15.00
Wine Glass Display
1/2 T x 10 1/4 W x 6 D
​Cherry - $15.00
Wine Glass Display
Two Wine Glass Display
Straight Back Wine Bottle Display
2 Wine Bottle Rack Holder
2 Wine Glasses and Bottle Display
2 Wine Glass Display
1/2 T x 10 1/4 W x 6 D
​Cherry - $20.00
To view any of the following display pieces in a larger scale, simply click on one of the pictures below.  Press <F11> for yet a better view of the gallery and the page!
Serving Tray
12 W x 15 L x 4 T
Red Oak - $25.00
Toy or Pet Toy Storage Box

This beautiful toy or pet toy box is 18" long by 15" deep and 15" high.  

Price - $125 or $150 with a name carved in.

We can also paint this with anything you desire!  Maybe a portrait of you pet on here to make it look awesome!

Call for quote.
Larry Mescha has worked in the trades for over twenty years. Many of these years were spent working for a wood flooring company. After being downsized several years ago, Larry took a lifelong hobby of wood working and turned into a full time endeavor. Preferring mainly mission, prairie, and craftsman styles, Larry is adept at making the customers dreams come true no matter the style.  

Larry has been asked to come on board to make displays for the wine glasses and bottles that Noel Roberts has been painting.
Outdoor Decorations
Water Can
18 H x 12 Di
Holds a 10" pot
Red Oak - $50.00
16 H x 42 L
Red Oak - $75.00

Wooden Pet Urns
We custom create this wooden urn for your pet.   You can select the type of wood and finish that you want. Also great for storing their collar and other keepsakes.

They come in 4 sizes:
Small -        5" L x 3" W x 2" H             - total weight of pet less than 10 lbs. at time of passing.
Medium -    6.5" L x 3.5" W x 2" H       - total weight of pet less than 38 lbs. at time of passing.
Large -        8" L x 6" W x 3.25" H        - total weight of pet less than 87 lbs. at time of passing.
X-Large -    9.5" L x 7" W x 4.25" H     - total weight of pet less than 185 lbs. at time of passing.

List of woods are pine, ash, cherry, maple, red oak, white oak, poplar, walnut, birch, and beech.  

The X-Large box shown is made of pine with a stain.  Pricing for any of the sizes - $50.

Have Noel Roberts paint your pet portrait and any lettering on the urn.  Pricing will vary depending on what you want to have painted on it.  Give me a call and I would be happy to assist you!