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Mural Gallery

These wall murals were commissioned by various people for their homes and or businesses. 

To view any of the following wall murals in a larger scale, simply click on one of the pictures below. Press <F11> for yet a better view of the gallery and the page!

Wall Murals for Home or Business - Indoor or Out
Venice Trompe L'oeil - A vacation trip to Venice painted within a brick niche.  28" x 32".
Summer's Eve - window scene showing wild life and flowers.  52" x 52".
Signature Hole - making it look like you were looking out your window of a golf course.  Wood frame added around the painting.  60" by 96".
Suggestive Passage of Memories of Arizona - desert scene with water to enhance hallway staircase.  7' x 11'.
Koala Holding A Board - Waltzing Matilda wanted some murals that portrayed Australian animals holding a blank board where they could post menus or other information about the bar. 5' x 5'.
Taz Devil Holding A Board - Waltzing Matilda wanted some murals that portrayed Australian animals holding a blank board where they could post menus or other information about the bar. 5' x 5'.
Kangerool Holding A Board - Waltzing Matilda wanted some murals that portrayed Australian animals holding a blank board where they could post menus or other information about the bar. 5' x 5'.
This is the Museum at the Pleasant Dale Park District in Burr Ridge, Illinois that we completed in 2014.  The Flag Creek Historical Society commissioned us to do a painting on their building representing the history of the area.  This mural can be seen at 7425 S. Wolf Road, Burr Ridge, Ill.
In 2010, Moraine Valley Community College, in Palos Hills, IL.,  commissioned John Howard to do a mural for the new Veron O. Crawley Science Hall. It can be seen in the Prairie Study Room, C214. The size of this mural is 13 feet high x 36 feet in width.
Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens, 7402 Lake Katherine Dr, in Palos Heights, IL.  A mural of the lake and it's surrounding area depicting Lake Katherine painted in the Lake Katherine Nature Preserve Environmental Learning Center.
North side
West side - Entance
South side
17432 Oak Park Ave
Tinley Park, IL
(708) 532-3060

The photo above is of a town and the railroad that runs along the top of the walls, going around the building, and actually rounding down and coming out towards you!  See the caboose at the end at the top.  That connects with the train you see on the right side.  Other murals done there are below.
Waltzing Matilda

Our 1st wall mural back in the early 90's,  The bar, Waltzing Matilda, commissioned us to do a few murals for their establishment.  The bar was located in Evergreen Park, Illinois.  The bar scene seen below was located at the front entrance where all could see.  Unfortunately, the bar has long since been gone but the paintings remain on film forever.  The size of this mural was 17' by 5 1/2 '.  See the other paintings we did for the bar in the Mural Gallery section of this page!
2015 - We completed the commission for the Chicago Ridge Park District at the Chicago Ridge Park District Activity Center in Chicago Ridge, Illinois.  The size of this mural is 90' by 18'.  The theme was of various items in all their parks and the children that played in them.
SouthStar Industrial Services commissioned John Howard to do this mural entitle 'Summer Breeze' for their Administrative office in Chicago Heights, Illinois.  This was done in 2003.
CPS, Inc. is one of the leading recruiting and professional staffing firms in the country.  They commissioned John Howard to do 7 wall murals for their corporate building at One Westbrook Corporate Center in Westchester, Illinois.  There are a few shown here.  To see the rest of them and other murals, contact us for viewing John's portfolio.
2016 - John Howard was commissioned by Crestwood's Art Council to paint a mural at the Standard Bank Stadium, home of the minor league team, Windy City Thunderbolts.  Full view below and close ups photos below that.
2016 - 2017 Currently painting murals for Proviso Township High Schools District 209 that include Proviso East High School, Proviso West High School, and Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy.
Proviso East High School Pirates - some of the murals done so far have been a 50 yard mural ocean with islands and pirate ships; pirate head logos in the cafeteria, hallways, and concession room; and full size male and female pirates outside the concession room and corridor.  To see larger images of these paintings, click the gallery of photos below.
One side of concession room wall - Pirate logo and pirate ships.
Close up of one of the ships.  It is roughly 3' x 2 1/2'.
Pirate in corridor between high school and gym.  Figure is 5' tall.
Female and male pirates outside the concession room.  Figures are roughly 5' tall.
Pirate logo above case in Hall of Fame corridor.  Roughly 4' x 4'.
Graduation Pirate in main stair case going up to second floor.  6' x 4'
one of two Pirate logos in cafeteria 5' x 5'
Proviso West High School Panthers - As of this entry, we painted both sides of 2 panels in the cafeteria. These panels have dividers walls within them to separate the room when needed.  These 4 paintings are in various different scenes.  the panels are 66" wide and 132" in height.  We painted the top half of these panels.
 Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy​ Pythons - We are currently painting at this school.  Photos soon.