"Old Blue" - watercolor
20h x 27w - Image Size
291/2h x 35w - Double Matted, Framed - $850
"Furniture Maker's Woodshop" - watercolor
22h x 28 1/2w- Image Size
32h x 371/2w - Double Matted, Framed - $550
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"Magic Slim and the Teardrops", 38h x 50w, $1,700
"Behind The Eight Ball", 38h x 50w, $1,700
"War", 50h x 38w, $1,700
"Fight or Flight", 38h x 50w, $1,700
"Syndicated", 38h x 50w, $1,700
"L Platform"  SOLD!!!
"Day at the Museum", 38h x 50w, $1,700
"Day at the Zoo", 38h x 50w, $1,700
The eight photos below are what we call "Monster Drawings".  All of them are 38h x 50w in size except "War" which is 50h x 38w..  All sizes mentioned on this page are in inches.  Graphite was used for the drawings and then mixed media was used for the colors.  These pieces are all unframed and are priced at $1,700 each.  To view this gallery, simply click on one of the drawing for a larger, detailed view.  Press <F11> for yet a better view of the gallery and the page!
"Magic Slim and the Teardrops"
"Behind The Eight Ball"
"Fight or Flight"
"Mind At Ease" - watercolor
17h x 29w - Image Size
25h x 36w - Framed - $1200
(Participant of 'Transparant Watercolor Society of America')
"Ridge Road, Colorado" - watercolor 
28h x 21w - Image Size
38h x 31w - Framed - $1000
"Flat Iron Mountain, Colorado" - watercolor
21h x 28w - Image Size
Double Matted - $600
"Lake Effect" - watercolor
19h x 34w - Image Size
28h x 42w - Double Matted, Framed - $1,000
"End Of The Trail" - watercolor
21h x 28w - Image Size
31h x 38w - Double Matted, Framed - $900
"Child's Play" - watercolor
22h x 29w - Image Size
30h x 37w - Double Matted, Framed - $1000
John Howard's curiosity to translate an experience of light through watercolors led him to study at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois back in 1976.  With over thirty years of direct painting approach, from sketches on location and then refined in his studio, his works have brought him recognition in many private and corporate collections.  As an extension of his watercolor painting and the desire to create on a grand scale, he uses translucent acrylics to render murals.  As a professional artist, he teaches continuing education classes in watercolors, mural painting, and portrait painting at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills, Illinois.
"Field Barn" - watercolor
24h x 33w - Image Size
32h x 40w - Single Mat - $750
"The Mingling" - watercolor
24h x 311/2w - Image Size
32h x 39w - Double Matted - $950
"Halsted Dock" - watercolor
17h x 29w - Image Size
24h x 36w - Double Matted - $750
"Vision" - watercolor
28h x 35w - Image Size
36h x 43w - Single Mat - $950
"Under the Pump" - watercolor
201/2h x 28w - Image Size
291/2h x 361/2w - Double Matted, Framed - $850
"Annahi at Work" - watercolor
38h x 50w - Image Size -$1700
"Day at the Museum"
"Day at the Zoo"
"L Platform"
"Saddled Horse" - watercolor

John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
John Howard Studio's
Sale Price $650
"Bum In A Box" - watercolor
13h x 17w - Image Size
22h x 26w - Matted and Framed - $650.00
"Winter" - watercolor
17h x 23w - Image Size
26h x 31 1/2w - Matted and Framed - $600.00
"Season's Change" - watercolor
28h x 21w - Image Size
"Silent Shore" - watercolor
20h x 28w - Image Size
29h x 37w - Matted and Framed - $750.00
"Chicago Evening" - watercolor
23h x 18w - Image Size
32h x 26 1/2w - Matted and Framed - $650.00
"Farmer Joe" - watercolor
24h x 22w - Image Size