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"Cheetah Cub" - Acrylic Painting on Canvas 
Size 16" x 20".
Framed with an antique bronze open back frame size 15" x 17 1/2".
Price:  $575.00.
"Swimming Tiger" - Acrylic Painting on canvas 
Size 22" x 28". 
Framed with a honey oak open back frame size 30 1/2" x 24".  
Price: $1500.00.
"Maternal Tiger" - Acrylic Painting on canvas 
Size 16" x 20".
 Framed with an ornate shiny black open back frame size 21" x 25".   
Price: $1250.00.
"Alpha Male" - Scratchboard
Size 11" x 14".
  Single matted framed black frame w/glass size 16" x 20".
  Price:  $300.00.
"Mustang" - Scratchboard 
Size 8 1/2" x 11".  
Single matted framed black frame w/glass size 12" x 15". 
 Price:  $150.00.
"Lorikeets" - Scratchboard
Size 8" x 10".  
Single matted framed oak colored w/glass size 12" x 15".  
Price:  $175.00.
"Tiger Mates" - Scratchboard 
Size 16" x 20".
Single matted framed black frame w/UV Glass size 26" x 22".  
Price:  $1,000.00.  
"Fishing Eagle" - Scratchboard 
Size 11" x 14". 
 Single matted framed black frame w/glass size 16" x 20". 
 Price:  $350.00. 
"Wolf" - Acrylic Painting on canvas 
Size 14" x 18".  
Framed with an antique silver open back frame size 18 1/2" x 22 1/2".  
Price:  $700.00. 
Christina Snider has been exploring the many different ways to create art that appears almost photo realistic but has more to it and is more eye appeasing than just a photograph. She graduated from the American Academy of Art with a Bachelors degree in Chicago in 2003. Before that, she received a gold key in Scholastics in 1995 and honorable mention in the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest in 1996. She has been painting with Acrylics since the 90's and just started a new medium in 2012 known as Scratch Board or Clay Board. The scratch board allows her to create vivid black and white animal pieces with stark contrast and severe details. While she primarily creates animal portraits, she also does landscapes and is available for personal commission pieces. There is a certain drive in Christina to continually create art.